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You can travel the world over and never find another neighborhood quite like Maple Lawn. You’ve arrived at a place where the homes have character, the kids play down the street, and a stroll around the block is really worth taking again. It’s part old-fashioned, part new-fashioned. An idea whose time has come again, and come for the first time. A real community that celebrates history, while making it at the same time. And you should be part of it. The neighborhood you thought was a thing of the past is now a very real part of your future. Your search is over.

As you walk down the street you can feel it. We’ve built a vibrant town, not a cookie-cutter development. With tree-lined streets, not empty boulevards. A downtown shopping district, not a strip mall. An eclectic mix of authentic period architecture creating a true neighborhood, not a subdivision, and features Condominiums, Townhomes, Cityhome, Manor homes, and Village homes. Picket fences and porches out front, garages tucked in back. Schools and athletic fields within walking distance. A clubhouse and amenities that are far from ordinary. Easy access to Baltimore and Washington. Yet it can feel a thousand miles away. And it feels like home.

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