The Home Builders

To build a community this special, you have to start with some great builders. The developers of Maple Lawn selected five of the local area’s finest award-winning builders, each renowned for discerning vision, inspired design and innovative homes: Williamsburg Homes, Mitchell & Best, Bozzuto, and Michael Harris Homes. All firms known for distinctive architecture that avoids the commonplace. They build neighborhoods that feel at once familiar yet unlike any you’ve seen. And while they have many laurels to their credit, it’s clear with Maple Lawn that they have no intention of resting on them. Together, they’ve taken their expertise to build a new community that’s far more than the sum of its parts.

A healthy mix of both homestyles and price ranges is something that is missing from many of today’s newer communities. This mix is vital in order to create a dynamic and vibrant neighborhood. It’s a concept we’ve revived for Maple Lawn, and it has lit our path from the outset. There are no concessions to mass production here. You’ll find homes that are distinctive in size and shape, the designs familiar but fresh. All working in harmony with a streetscape where picket fence meets wrought iron meets hedgerow. As much as you’ll savor every moment in your new home, we’ll nonetheless draw you happily out of doors. Maple Lawn is a neighborhood that celebrates the well-balanced life.

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